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The Purpose Breakthrough

Getting You Ready for Your Best Year Ever in 2020

Do you ever wonder:

"Why am I Here"?

"What is my Purpose"?

"What should I do with my life?"

"What Difference Can I Make in the World"

Darling ... If you do .....

Your Soul is Calling,

Asking You to Come Out of Hiding!



The Purpose Breakthrough will help you get clearer ... about your life purpose,

why you are here  and what your unique gifts are...

so you can live with more fulfillment, purpose, meaning and abundance.

Sometimes as you journey through life

the road you thought you were on disappears

You become confused and stuck

You lose touch with the person you once thought you were

You start to hear the whispers of ....  'there must be more to life than this'


You feel the calling for something new


You have a desire to create a new career or business you are passionate about


You want to make a difference

You have a message to share


You are ready to fulfill your purpose

To find your voice

To speak your truth

You are ready for more:

More Passion

More Clarity

More Alignment

More Abundance

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born

and the day you find out why." Mark Twain

Imagine knowing without a doubt that you are on the right path


This 60 minute session can help you to:

  • UNCOVER your LIFE PURPOSE or what you’ve come to learn in this lifetime, and the career/business that will fuel your soul

  • Know the STRENGTHS and GIFTS you are here to share with others

  • DISCOVER why certain situations in your life keep repeating themselves and how to stop them.

  • Discover how your past experiences, even painful ones can lead you to your LIFE PURPOSE

  • Get CLEAR on WHO You REALLY ARE and engage with life more effectively

  • Cultivate the COURAGE to build a thriving business around your Purpose, Passion, Skills & Gifts

  • OWN your Voice, Worth & Power

  •  Give you the ENERGY, CONFIDENCE and CLARITY you need to take your life in some new direction or even reinvent yourself

  • KNOW where to focus your life so that it gets easier and fun.

Many people state they have never felt so held, seen and understood,

or so empowered

Book Your 60 minute Purpose Breakthrough Today!



You can benefit from a Purpose Breakthrough Reading with Kim from anywhere in the world

The Purpose Breakthrough is a 60 minute Online Session with Kim that includes a Life Purpose Reading utilizing Kim's Intuitive Gifts & Numerology as well as a PDF Report of your Reading and the E Book - How to Uncover Your Purpose.

  1. Click the 'Add to Cart' Button to Book and pay for your session

  2. We will correspond via email to schedule a mutually convenient date and time for your reading.

  3. You and Kim will connect by Skype or Messenger at your scheduled time 

  4. You’ll receive a PDF of your Purpose Breakthrough Reading, plus follow-up information Kim may have recommended during your conversation.

Note: The Purpose Breakthrough is prepaid and nonrefundable

once the session has been conducted.

I believe you have a destiny ... a purpose

... something you were born to do

And when you uncover and connect to that purpose

you can transform not only your life

but the lives of those around you



Now more than ever, the world needs more women rising up.

Isn't it Time to Start living your Life’s Purpose Now!